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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  October 27, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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up to hurricane sandy. our coverage of the impact continues with sarah sampson live in ocean city and george lettis. let's begin with meteorologist john collins in the weather center. >> the latest models are hunkering down. all week last week we had one model in particular, the european, set as coming right into our area. that's still the case. the other models have come more to that conclusion. the current hurricane is off the florida coast. here's the latest model. forget the friday written there. most of the models take the storm in somewhere around new jersey and that time frame would be somewhere monday afternoon into the early hours on tuesday. so that would put the strongest winds north of maryland, excuse me, in the chesapeake bay area but by no means does that mean the storm misses us. it's still a very powerful storm with very significant winds. the models are coming to a
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conclusion that somewhere on the delmarva or up to long island would be the best landfall possibility. at various times anywhere from monday afternoon to early tuesday morning. any of these solutions give us fits as far as the weather's concerned but again that would toss the strongest winds and heaviest rains to our north. we'll talk with her that coming up in a minute. now we want to go to the beach and sarah, i see the breeze is strong and you're not close to the storm yet. >> yeah, that's right, john. it's a world of difference this morning compared to what it was like last night when we were out here at 5:00 and 6:00. it was calm last night. now the breeze has picked up and the water has been getting quite choppy. it's really a reminder that hurricane sandy very much on her
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way. a beautiful fall afternoon in ocean city and even though hurricane sandy is still days away, a closer look shows the resort town is already preparing for the storm. the department of public works has been busy. >> we're in our beginning stages making sure we have loose items put away, that things that need to be stored are stored away, we'll start collecting loose trash cans. >> the mayor is meeting with police and fire officials regularly to strack the storm. the town is putting out sand bags and getting high water signs out ready for potential flooding. >> we have concerns about beach erosion depending on the intensity of the storm. >> and as you might expect, home depot is buzzing for a friday night. >> plywood and screws. >> plywood and sand have been flying off the off the shelves t there's one thing you won't see because they're out of them. >> the big thing right now is
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generators. we've had 300 requests in two hours but we have trucks on the way. we are expecting them by early morning. >> right now, the mayor doesn't expect people will have to evacuate but jim and sandy say they'll leave if it gets bad. they hope it doesn't because their other house, in connecticut, is also in the storm's path. >> it's more likely to be out of power up there than down here. we're hanging out hoping one of the two places has power. >> no matter what happens, officials are ready. >> we have a plan in place and we'll follow that closely. >> we're told things will is that right shut down here tomorrow. that's when the boardwalk will shut down. until then, people who don't mind a little breeze can still enjoy it. reporting hive in ocean city, sarah sampson. >> it's still early this morning but they don't expect a lot of tourists this weekend? >> there's a few people walking around. people are still out and about
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but not a ton of people, no. and they really want people to leave by tomorrow. >> thank you so much, sarah. we will check back with you a little later. meanwhile here in baltimore, people are preparing for the worst. 11 news reporter george lettis is in fells point with that part of the story. >> what you glott? got there, wow? susan norman of baltimore is like millions of us on the east coast this weekend, stocking up for sandy. >> plenty of canned food, toilet paper. is my basement going to be flooded? are we going to lose power for five days again? >> we are sold out of those. >> this home depot in towson sold out of its stock of generators on friday. a second shipment came in and that sold out a few hour later. ken luken was out of luck. >> it is what it is. >> the store says home depot has activated its emergency
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shipments procedures and baltimore area stores should have more in stock early saturday morning. >> by 6:00 a.m. all the stores in our district should have generators. limited supply at first but emergency shipments will keep flowing from the aware house. >> flashlights, batteries and extension cords are not staying in stock long, either, as people are taking sandy seriously. >> i hope it don't come but if it do, try to be prepared. >> baltimore city made sand and sand bags available to residents to combat flood but the potential for rising waters was not the reason why parissa and her nephew filled up bags. they're worried about wind. >> we don't want things to fly away. last year the trash can ended up in the back window of my car. >> that was george lettis reporting. with the devastating derecho fresh in our minds, b.g.e. crews
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have been busy preparing for this storm. we're joined by b.g.e. spokesperson rob gould. who -- what are the steps you are talking right now? >> we identified the need for 2,000 utility workers and we have 1300 of those committed, coming to us. >> you're having to draw from the west because from the east, we have states competing. >> florida, georgia, south carolina, it, the carolinas and virginia, they're holding because they don't know what will happen with the storm and to the north, new york state, canada, we can't go after those crews and to the west, they're waiting to see with the snow and ice issues. so we're all in the same pot but we started early, we got the request out there early and have a good response. >> this is double the amount you had? >> typically we would ask for about 1,000 for the storms i've experienced with hurricanes and the like.
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we doubled down on this one. we know we need to have those resources available to us. we would typically have two staging areas but we'll have four at m&t bank stadium, ripken stadium and timonium and b.w.i. >> because you have so many people? >> we have to house them and and hotels have to be gathered up, as well. it's an orchestra but we have to do it now because when the storm hits, we want those people in place. >> unfortunately, restoration may take a while once outages of high winds involved. >> this will be a long duration event so when you have wind above 25, 30 to 35 miles an hour, which this will exceed, the bucket trucks are not functional because they'll move around in the wind. we will restore power to the extent we can. we have automated flip-overs but
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at the end of the day if the storm passes monday or tuesday and we have high wind, we may not be into restoration until wednesday. this will be a long-duration event without question. >> we'll talk to you later on in the newscast. certainly appreciate you joining us. we will check in again with rob in a little while. call b.g.e. to report tree limbs that could fall on power lines. turn the fridge on to maximum cold and keep it closed so food stays fresh longer and clean drains so water doesn't accumulate and get inside your home and should you lose power, b.g.e. wants you to let them know. don't assume others in the neighborhood have called. call b.g.e. yourself. that number is 1-877-778-2222. >> governor o'malley has declared a state of emergency in maryland. he says he will activate the
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state's emergency operation center today and is urging residents to act now before the storm hits. >> there is going to be a period of having to ride this out so every family needs to become their own emergency management director, make sure that you have the flashlights, the radio, the ability to ride out what will probably be a very dangerous storm with heavy winds, lots of downed trees and also lots and lots of water as this thing roll through our vicinity. >> the state of emergency declaration gives the governor the authority to deploy the maryland national guard to assist in recovery efforts. you can track hurricane sandy's movement on our interactive radar, see the satellite images, follow storm updates on live wire all on our website,, and our mobile app. >> the time right now is 9:09. still ahead, dr. kim hammond
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joining us with two pets to answer pet questions. >> and as far as the rain is concerned, we expect to get a lot. right now, none. just clouds. the insta-weather plus forecast is just ahead. >> new york mayor michael bloomberg lends support to question six, at the marriage equality
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> we'll start this weathercast with a look at ocean city. they've got waves out there, a little breeze. it's getting breezy and those clouds you see at ocean city are actually coming up from our
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storm, sandy. no rain yet, though. that's still to the south. 64 on the beach right now at the boardwalk. some of the other temperatures around the area, annapolis at 62. 62 at ridgely, easton is 59 degrees, parkton, 57. westminster also 57. still in the 50's out in far western maryland so temperatures fairly well distributed. most of the 60's are down to the south at this stage of the game and satellite radar combination, we see the bands of clouds and they have this arc to them. that's the stuff coming up around the rotation from the storm which is still off the florida coast so that's an extensive storm when you have clouds pushed out that far away. a front from new england circulating off that high providing the wind, bringing moisture off the atlantic. now some of the clouds are up from the south.
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notice the rain is around hatteras at this stage of the probably the rain will stay south of us today but get closer. the hurricane with 75 mile-an-hour winds for sandy and rain bands. the carolinas beginning to get some of the outer rain bands with the storm and awfully cold air behind the cold front to the west. that's one of the factors that will charge the storm. winds at 75 miles an hour, the storm off the florida coast a few hundred miles from charleston, south carolina, at this stage. the track will take it northeast for a while and may flip-flop between being a tropical storm and hurricane but eventually when it comes on shore late monday or early tuesday in the overnight hours, it's probably not going to be a tropical feature anymore but a nor'easter in essence, an extra-tropical storm. and it looks like the area that will most likely come in,
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anywhere from the delmarva peninsula up towards long island. most of the models favor new jersey. if the core passes around new jersey or so, we wouldn't get the strongest winds but we're still going to get strong winds out of it, it's a massive storm. it looks like there's no way we can avoid the storm but we're talking about how intense. 64 to 69 the high today. sun breaks but generally cloudy skies, rain chances holding off until evening. east-northeast winds at 5 to 10 miles an hour. here's the insta-weather future cast. most of the rain dissipates but a contributing factor to the storm and by tonight, most of the rain far south. sunday morning, we begin to see shower activity lift into the area. the actual core of the storm to the west but this is the point sunday night starts to turn westward and come in so we get
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heavier rains and stronger winds and monday afternoon, monday evening, the eye comes in, so to speak, and the strongest part of the storm would switch to the north but on tuesday, snow on this particular computer model, is drawn in with the calder -- colder air to the west. the rain expected is seven to 12 inches, much falling on the eastern shore. today will be in the 60's. tomorrow only near 60, probably most 50's. rain chances increasing for periods of scattered rain showers. it gets breezy, downright windy on monday and tuesday, heaviest rains monday afternoon and evening and by tuesday, only in the 40's for highs. >> early voting gets underway in maryland this weekend but it all could be impacted depending on how sandy develops. the governor's was office says t will determine if changes to the early voting schedule are
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necessary but as of right now, registered voters can cast ballots today through thursday, november 1. polls open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. except on sunday when they're open from noon to 6:00 and you can find early voting centers in your preseason on our website, >> new york mayor and john's hopkins university graduate michael bloomberg was in baltimore last night rally for marriage equality in the states. bloomberg stood alongside mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and governor o'malley in support of question 6 on the ballot. bloomberg says supporting marriage equality a civil rights issue and the right thing to do. >> when two people commit their lives to each other, testify -- government has noerate to stand in their way. >> the latest polling numbers show a majority of voters in the state support marriage equality
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want to feel like a winner? the maryland lottery will join us with hot 5 scratch-off tickets. >> reduce the impact hurricane sandy can have on household finances. some of the documents you need to secure. >> dr. kim hammond is here to answer pet questions. you can email your questions to
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>> welcome back, it's time for the lottery hot 5. good morning. you have raven scratch-offs with us and five points about the
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scratch-offs. >> the hot five is the hot five about ravens fantasy, the top five points we want to talk about. first, it's a $5 ticket with a $250,000 top prize so really small amount of money for such a large prize and there are four top prizes left on the ticket. got some good odds there. and then of course the second biggest thing pesides the top prize on the ticket is the second chance contest. that is something you enter on the million dollar top prize on the online contest. go to and enter the second chance code you see on the bottom of the ticket and enter to win $1 million. the second contest you can enter online will be for season tickets for. that's what we call season tickets for 20 years, club level tickets, parking, 20 years. you enter 200 yards from the bottom of the ticket and we have
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>> thank you so much, erica. don't go away. dr. kim hammond answers pet questions when we return.
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>> have you ever seen anything this dispute look at him. this is hugo. welcome back, dr. kim is joining us to answer pet questions but
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i'm in hog heaven this morning. so cute. >> role reversal, we're feeding the pig breakfast. >> he's eating cherrios. tell me about hugo. >> hugo is sort of a potbelly cross but the owners of hugo got hugo because they were allergic to cats and dogs and they wanted a pet and this turned out to be -- terrific. >> did he bite you a little bit? he's sweet and gentle. >> if he starts screaming, it's not because he's angry but because he has great vocal cords. >> he's going to jump on you. people have questions for you. >> hugo! >> we're going to start with -- >> if he gets into that bag, we have trouble. >> folks moving into a condo from their house and their dog is a barker and they're afraid
9:27 am
they'll have to give her up. there is a surgery to devocalize her and they're worried about that. >> there is a devocalizing surgery. we don't want to do that to her. this is a beautiful pig. devocalization is weird. we cut the vocal cord so they still will bark but you won't hear a bark necessarily and i guess is this the discussion. is it cruel? it's not really cruel. but, you know, if it means up your dog, i would say, yes, but only certain veterinarians know how to do it. it's a dangerous procedure if done by the wrong people. if you find the right person, it's simple. >> our next person has an 8-year-old dog with a hip problem. what can you do for an 8-year-old with a hip problem? >> we have to diagnose it and then there are -- you can do hip replacements. they're incredibly effective and
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everybody should start thinking about getting pet insurance these days. there's a company called trupannion and if you have that hip problem, they would pay for it. >> weave we've made a mess with hugo. time right now is 9:28. live team coverage of hurricane sandy kicks off in the next half hour of 11 news. >> reporting live in ocean city where they're bracing for hurricane sandy.
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news saturday morning. >> it's the calm before the storm as you're looking on the eastern shore, live picture of ocean city as maryland braces for hurricane sandy, still a category one hurricane. welcome back to 11 news saturday morning, thanks for joining us. things didn't look too bad down there. >> we'll check in with sarah in ocean city in a minute. first, john, all eyes on you. >> the breeze is picking up a little bit. we are picking up a few thin clouds in our area. the rains are down to the south around cape hatteras or so. most of the computer models are coming up with a solution that
9:31 am
focuses on new jersey as far as where the storm would make landfall from monday afternoon into monday night into early tuesday. there are a few models closer to long island or the delmarva peninsula but regardless of where it lands, either up toward new york or near delaware bay, those seem to be the options that are the strongest right now, the storm will be so huge that we'll be involved no matter what and get strong winds, heavy rains, a chance for flooding. somebody may get snow out of this but not in ocean city where sarah sampson is right now. what's going on? >> i'm happy to have this hat. but things are getting really interesting here this morning. i want to show you the waves we've been watching all morning. the water is choppy, the sky is
9:32 am
gray, the water is dark. it's clear hurricane sandy is on her way. there are still a number of people out and about enjoying the breeze. ocean city officials have an emergency preparedness plan in mace and they're meeting regularly to analyze the storm track and adjust the plan. police and fire officials are on standby this weekend and the public works department has been busy, as well. >> we're in our beginning stages of making sure we have loose items put away, things that need to be stored are stored away, that then we'll start collecting loose trash cans trying to get ahead of things. we are in a preparedness mode and information mode. >> the mayor says the biggest concern with this storm, like many storms here, is flooding and beach erosion. today they'll likely continue to prepare for the storm, putting
9:33 am
out sand bags and getting high water signs ready in case of flooding. reporting live in ocean city, i'm sarah sampson. >> b.g.e. crews have been busy preparing for the storm and we're joined by b.g.e. spokesperson rob gold. you've been making all kind of preparations. >> we've requested 2,000 out-of-state utility workers. we've got good line of sight on 1300 of those folks en route from as far away as new mexico, texas, louisiana, oklahoma and we'll bed them down and get them place. they should start arriving tomorrow and we'll put them at one of four staging areas. so the goal is to have them in place ready to respond once the storm hits so they can begin restoration. >> what can residents do ahead of the storm? >> what i'm going to do today, go home, take the stuff off the deck, try to put it away, make
9:34 am
sure you don't have projectiles out there but from a power situation, make sure that you have all your contingencies in place, a backup plan, flashlights, portable radio. if you use a portable generator, move it away from the home, not near window or the garage because fumes can back up and become deadly. >> we gave information about if you have limbs that look like they need to be taken down, call y'all? >> we're at a point where that's impractable. we have been on a regular routine of tree trimming. the ones that will not lose power as a result of tree trimming efforts will understand that's a necessity but at this point they can grab our number, put close so they can call it if they lose power. until we have smart meters
9:35 am
throughout the territory which be a great thing because we will know you have an outage, we know you have an outage of the you have to call. >> preserving food in the refrigerator, do you have tips? >> we're not the ones to tell you about how to make the determination but 12 hours, 24 hour, you're getting to the point where it's not a good idea to eat the food in the fridge. >> can you turn up -- adjust the temperature? >> turn it up as cold as you can and obviously if you don't need to open it if you do lose power, keep it close. this had been a long duration event. customers need to prepare for that and above all else, patience. >> don't call looking for ice. >> we don't do dry ice and don't call us to get on the list for outages. we have customers that will call at the beginning of the storm to get their name on a list.
9:36 am
there is no list. >> also making plans right now, area school systems are getting ready for hurricane sandy, as well. annapolis high school set up as an emergency shelter for residents who could be displaced by the storm. the district is trying to protect key information in the computer system in case of power outage. >> we're going to be shutting everything down, the school servers and computers in the schools down this afternoon after school is out so we can protect that and we'll leave all of our main systems up tonight to do backups. >> school officials across the state are monitoring the storm for possible closings and plan to use the internet and automated telephone systems to get word out to parents as soon as a decision is made. >> 9:36, most homeowners wait until a hurricane is bearing down. coming up, how to reduce the impact of a storm. >> the rainfall from sandy a little closer. we will have the insta-weather
9:37 am
plus forecast coming up. >> really fun home decorations for halloween. our d.i.y. expert will join us.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> here's our ocean city picture. breaks in the clouds. doesn't look bad. a little breezy. there are waves there but nothing like we'll see in a day or two. temperatures, 64 down there. in the virginia mountains, showers have cropped up near shenandoah national park in charlottesville. a couple of sprinkles. it has to do with the winds going up the slope. rain chances for us, the nearest
9:40 am
significant rains are around cape hatteras approaching norfolk and we might have a chance for showers bited -- by the end of the day here. b.w.i. marshall, 52 degrees. 62, edgewood, still in the 50's at westminster and parkton. frederick up to 61. the mountains to the west and we'll look that the satellite/radar combination. sprinkles and showers in the mountains. it's a cloud band, that's the circulation around sandy reaching into our area. these are thin clouds and still makes for a decent day but the rain isn't far away. we also have this cold front to the west, really cold air back there in the midwest right now, like wintertime out this and the combination of the two, we're in a vise, getting squeezed together and the the big squeeze is monday into tuesday.
9:41 am
storm landfall looks like monday evening or overnight hours monday to tuesday and best target looks like somewhere around new jersey but the cone of air or uncertainty i guess you could say would be from long island or massachusetts, connecticut, down to the mouth of the chesapeake bay and that, again, late in the day monday or pre-dawn hours on tuesday when the storm comes in. it won't come in as a hurricane or tropical storm. by that time, it will have lost those characteristics but be acting more like a powerful and huge nor'easter. 64 to 69, the highs today, probably as warm as we will get in the next few days. generally cloudy today, breaks within spots. the highest chance for rain showers later today toward evening. east to northeast winds at 5 to 10 miles an hour. here's the insta-weather future cast. rain to the south, significant rain stays south of us. somebody may get spritzed but a lot of clouds today.
9:42 am
as we go overnight into sunday morning, the rain bands finally start coming into the area and by afternoon and evening on sunday, we see heavier stuff come in. the eye of the storm turns westward and again looks like the dell delmarva or southern nw jersey, around cape may, would be the landfall point on this model. it comes in and snow gets involved, especially in the mountains to the west. 67 today, only near 60 on sunday. i wouldn't be surprised to see all 50's. winds pick up a bit on sunday and rain rates increase during the day sunday, rain at its highest monday afternoon, monday night into tuesday morning. winds strongest then, too. only in the 50's on monday and 40's on tuesday with the storm pulling away on wednesday. >> so today is the planning day. you want to make sure not only are you doing stuff around the home but inside the home to protect information and attorney
9:43 am
alex brown is here with good advice. what are some of the things we should do in our home for insurance coverage? >> probably the best thing you can do is think about not only how to prevent damage during the storm but after the storm when it's over when are -- what are going to need for an insurance claim? having pictures, an inventory of personal property and copy of insurance policy is really important because if you need to make a claim, the insurance company will say what proof do you have of valuables and having an inventory, a videotape. you can do it on the iphone. having that is really key. >> so in terms of insurance coverage, you want to find your policy today. >> absolutely. >> make sure it's up to date. is it too athlete get -- late to get it up to date today? >> you have to call your agent. but as a general matter, most
9:44 am
people don't have flood insurance and that's one of the things you want to look: you want to talk to your agent about that. >> is anyone going to give you flood insurance right now with a hurricane bearing down on us? >> it would be tough but it's worth a shot. at a minimum, read your policy, figure white it says and keep it in a safe place. it's not only gathering the documents but putting them in a weather-proof safe or mail them to an out-of-state relative west of the coast so when you're digging out you have a place to go to get what you need. >> a lot of cars get damaged. >> that's a good point. do you have comprehensive coverage because you want collision and damage and that's something you probably can get today. >> let's go back to the inventorying of the items. so anything you can do is either your phones or your video cameras, make sure you know what you have. >> exactly. you really -- because it's sort of like i'm a lawyer, it's sort
9:45 am
of like you've got to put on a case for your insurance company. they'll say, ok, you want to be reimbursed, what do you have? and if you have pictures and a list, it makes it easy to get your claim through because there will be hundreds or thousands of claims given the weather we are expecting so to the extent you can minimize the time it takes to process the claim, you'll be processed fastest. >> don't watch a movie today, get busy. coming up next, we will show you how to create halloween decorations on a budget. first, here's a look at last night's lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back, our craft expert joins us now to show us how to create a halloween party and trick-or-treat decorations on a budget. let's hope that people will be able to trick-or-treat. >> i know. >> come wednesday? >> right, wednesday. but let me show you some things you can do and have fun inside. some of the things i did. first thing, i love to reuse. >> tissue boxes. >> what i did is i created day of the dead faces which are pretty but not creepy. i drew these designs and as you can see this, i have these on my website and you can print these out and actually paint them, decorate them, glue things on them and put them on a box you paint black. >> that's something the kids can do. >> i like to put these l.e.d. lights in this so it's like a candelabra. this is great, with the storm,
9:49 am
the best way to find things outside is after a storm is twigs and everything, pull them in, dry them off, paint them black and put the crafter foam in there. >> you can get these at the dollar store? >> yeah, paint a vase black. paint is your friend on halloween. this is a box i use, with online shopping, i have boxes. i wanted to make the haunted house and i like to make desserts, so there's a haunted house. you can use parchment paper and paint it through the back. i basically used black and gray paint to 55 -- give it that washed look. >> the key is to do a lot of online shopping. >> yeah. >> no. look at these cupcakes you have. >> i made gravestones and all i
9:50 am
did with these is i used clothes pins and these inexpensive rings you get, i cut them off and painted them black. is what it looked like before i got it. hard felt. you can take them and put them on a bag, as well, rather than just cupcakes. this is something, everyone has these pumpkins. what theywhat i wanted to do, ps iridescent reflective stuff on there so they can see if a car's coming. the other thing i like to do. >> regular duct tape? >> i bought this for a dollar and glued it on. and then, you get these lights. >> where? i got those at hobby lobby or you can use these little
9:51 am
bracelets and just make it into a bracelet. >> so kids can be seen. >> put it inside. put these inside. >> they take it with them. >> i like the firm felt, again, a round circle, put it on the bottom so the candy doesn't get mixed up so you can see the children because it's going to be raining. >> good idea. your cookies are the best. >> i like to use, i did a zip lock bag container to make the shoulders for the clowns because clowns freak me out. >> pumpkins, decorate those. >> i used paint and yarn. >> gina teper. thank you. have a good halloween. stay with us. john has an update on hurricane sandy.
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>> we're back, joining us in the 11 news kitchen, today we are talking fried oysters. >> 'tis the season for oysters. oysters are getting rich and plump and fat and are really good right now. we'll show uses for fried oysters. >> how do we start? >> showing how we fry an oyster. we oysters shucked. you can buy them in a jar in pints, shuck your own. >> flour? >> a little flour. >> egg wash. >> that's plain egg, and the
9:55 am
breading or outside coating, japanese bread crumbs, ground up real fine or use a fine bread crumb. we've added flour in it and put old bay in it, too. we're frying them two different ways, the healthier one with canola oil and some in peanut oil. >> which do you like better? >> the peanut oil i think tastes better but if you eat them a lot, you need to go for the canoela. get it fairly hot, bubbling up. >> how long do they take? >> three or four minutes, depending on the size. smaller ones or bigger ones. the smaller ones cook quicker. people people hike -- some people like them done more than others. >> while folks are out shopping today, get oysters and ingredientsiment we always have fried oysters at eddie's and
9:56 am
we've shown you a couple of different dishes. >> what's this? >> that's our caesar's salad, laid the fried oysters on top of the caesar's salad. i like the contrast of hot and crispy, cold salad in there. it's one of my favorite ways. >> something with a nice sauce. >> improv oysters rockefeller. we've taken creamed spinach and put holidays -- hollandaise on it. >> that's a hogie. >> or a poor boy, one of my favorite things to do, big subs like that, i first learned to do that in new orleans. we fried up the oysters. this is a dressed poor boy, lettuce, tomato, pickles. eddie's is on rolland avenue just inside of northern park weigh and another store on
9:57 am
charles street between stevenson and the beltway. >> we are hoping you won't lose power again. good thoughts. have so much to tell us. >> that's right and we'll just put it in the seven-day forecast. today's fine, rans chances at end of the day, 67, the high. i wouldn't be surprised if we're stuck in the 60's. clouds, rain chances increasing through the day. breeze picks up and gets really windy. the most intense part of the storm monday afternoon, monday night and tuesday morning. high rain chances, a lot of rain, wind, flooding. >> lisa loves the oysters. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> that's all the time we have. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.
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